Playlist 1-17-2017

The Rock entrance music

Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio-The Ramones

French Kissing’ in the USA-Debbie Harry

Razor Ramon entrance music

There Is A Light-Nick Cave

We Are The Boys-Pulp

Your Woman-White Town

Stone Cold Steve Austin entrance music

I Touch Roses-Book of Love

I Confess-The English Beat

Ode To Groovy-Skinny Puppy

Jake “The Snake” Roberts entrance music

From Your Mouth-God Lives Underwater

Feed the Tree-Belly

Someday I Suppose-The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Edge and Christian entrance music

Love Song-The Damned

Bad Days-The Flaming Lips


Driven To Tears-The Police

Bret Hart entrance music

Army of Me-Bjork

We Care A Lot-Faith No More

Bury Me-The Smashing Pumpkins

Too Cool and Rikishi entrance music

A Girl Like You-Edwin Collins

Real Wild Child (Wild One)-Iggy Pop

Hold Me-Nina Hagen

Kurt Angle entrance music

We Are the Beautiful-Chapterhouse

Let Me Go-Heaven 17





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