Afterthoughts 2-7-17

I listed the top 10 albums of 1990 during my show, and I promised I would put the entire top 50 albums of 1990 list on my blog. I keep my promises, so that list is below. The list is based on sales, not votes or opinions.

50. Warrant-Cherry Pie

49. The Vaughan Brothers-Family Style

48. INXS-X

47. Prince-Graffiti Bridge

46. Living Color-Time’s Up

45. Neil Young and Crazy Horse-Ragged Glory

44. Midnight Oil-Blue Sky Mining

43. Digital Underground-Sex Packets

42. George Michael-Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1

41. Bobby Brown-Dance…Ya Know It

40. Jon Bon Jovi-Blaze of Glory/Young Guns II

39. Billy Idol-Charmed Life

38. Alannah Myles-Alannah Myles

37. Heart-Brigade

36. Tecehnotronic-Pump Up the Jam

35. Poison-Flesh and Blood

34. Slaughter-Stick It to Ya

33. Lisa Stansfield-Affection

32. Public Enemy-Fear of a Black Planet

31. Anita Baker-Compositions

30. Madonna-I’m Breathless: Music From and Inspired by the Film “Dick Tracy”

29. Babyface-Tender Lover

28. Keith Sweat-I’ll Give All My Love to You

27. Faith No More-The Real Thing

26. Young M.C.-Stone Cold Rhymin’

25. Johnny Gill-Johnny Gill

24. Tom Petty-Full Moon Fever

23. Quincy Jones-Back on the Block

22. Motley Crue-Dr. Feelgood

21. The 2 Live Crew-As Nasty As They Wanna Be

20. Milli Vanilli-Girl You Know It’s True

19. Billy Joel-Storm Front

18. Linda Ronstadt-Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind

17. Don Henley-The End of Innocence

16. Pretty Woman-Soundtrack

15. Eric Clapton-Journeyman

14. The B-52s-Cosmic Thing

13. Bonnie Rait-Nick of Time

12. Depeche Mode-Violator

11. Paula Abdul-Forever Your Girl

10. Mariah Carey-Mariah Carey

09. Bell Biv DeVoe-Poison

08. Sinead O’Connor-I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got

07. New Kids On The Block-Hanging’ Tough

06. Aerosmith-Pump

05. Wilson Phillips-Wilson Phillips

04. Janet Jackson-Rhythm Nation 1814

03. Michael Bolton-Soul Provider

02. Phil Collins-…But Seriously

01. M.C. Hammer-Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em

I also talked about U2 tonight. I teased that there is a connection between Bono and the director of Batman Forever, Joel Schumacher. Here’s the story: Schumacher wanted Bono to play a role in the film…not a main character…but he wanted him in a crucial scene. Bono and Schumacher worked on a scene, but they couldn’t seem to find a place to put it in the film. Not wanting to delay the film or confuse the audience, they decided to scrap the scene. Schumacher still wanted Bono and U2 involved in some way, so they offered an outtake from their Achtung Baby album, “Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me” for the soundtrack. Schumacher loved it, and the rest is history. The music video for the song is below.







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