Afterthoughts 3-7-17

WELCOME BACK TO THE 1990s!!!! Everything about the 90s was great…the music, television, fashion, toys…all of it was innovative and perfect. It’s my favorite decade, and to be completely honest, I haven’t really grown out of it. Since the 90s are back in style, I’m buying as much of the fashion and “throwbacks” as I can, because once it’s out of style, I won’t be able to find pieces of my childhood anywhere. 


During my show, I talked about the origin of the it’s name, “Memory Bank”. It’s an homage to my favorite childhood toy, 2-XL. 2-XL was a robot who would quiz you. A cassette tape would be placed in it’s chest, and then you would be asked a ton of questions on different topics, like monsters, food, and sports. After asking a few questions, 2-XL would say “Let me check my memory bank, do nothing”, then he would see how many questions you answered correctly. For some reason, that always stayed with me, so when it came time to name my show, “Memory Bank” just seemed right. Below are some commercials from the 90s for 2-XL. On my Instagram page (Thayilgarden), I’ll post a video of me playing with my 2-XL (yes, it still works and I still play with it) so I can actually get him to say “Memory Bank”. 



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