Afterthoughts 5-3-17

Hello, everybody! This month has been craaaaaaaaazy busy! Between the weather getting funky, and being sick for the entire month, life has been a huge blur lately, but it’s been a pretty fun ride. It’s been so busy, I completely forgot an Afterthoughts for last week! I wanted to post pictures from Record Store Day, but I was only able to capture one before I put everything away. This pic just contains the things that were able to fit in that Record Store Day bag. I filled THREE BAGS worth of records. I definitely have an addiction.


Pictured from left to right:

Red album=Billy Joel-Kohuept

Pink Floyd-Interstellar Overdrive (RSD exclusive)

Pearl Jam-State of Love and Trust/Breath (RSD exclusive)

Lou Reed-Perfect Night: Live in London (RSD exclusive)

Grateful Dead-Terrapin Station

Soundgarden Poster (for free…whaaaaaaaat?!?)


As always, thank you so much for listening and checking out this blog. I can’t begin to describe how relaxing and therapeutic doing all of this is. I’m so excited to go to concerts this summer and continuing to be your DJ, Tuesdays from 6-8 on WBGUFM.COM and 88.1 FM.

Have a great week!


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