Afterthoughts 6-27-17

Life is interesting, right? You’re either bored, looking for anything to keep you occupied, or swamped with work, barely able to breathe. I went from bored to swamped in a matter of days, and it hasn’t calmed down. Despite my lack of free time, I always make sure to set aside time to work on “Memory Bank”.

I feel that my show is starting to get stale. I feel that I play the same songs, just in a different order, and that’s not fair to you. I have a ton of music that I haven’t played yet, so I will be going through all of it and making up playlists for the upcoming weeks. I’m really excited for this! I always say that my show is 80s and 90s alternative, indie, britpop, shoegaze, grunge, and punk…but I feel that grunge and punk rarely get any play on my show….which is crazy because grunge is my bread and butter.

It’s taken me far too long to write this little afterthought…I’m watching Married With Children. I’m really stuck in the 80s and 90s.


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